Artists and critics. Hans Purrmann and Karl Scheffler in letters 1920-1951

Felix Billeter, Julie Kennedy, Anke Matelowski (eds.)

The correspondence between the painter Hans Purrmann (1880-1966) and the writer Karl Scheffler (1869-1951) provides a unique insight into the conflict between an artist and his critic from the 1920s through the period of National Socialism to the early post-war period. From 1906 to 1933, Scheffler edited Kunst und Künstler, one of the most renowned German art magazines in Berlin, and accompanied the successful painter in a series of exhibition reviews and monographic articles. Purrmann, for his part, expressed his views in the magazine with texts on Henri Matisse, the art trade and South Sea art. The shared understanding of artistic developments and modern theories forms the basis of the friendship and its exchange beyond the borders of Germany.

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