Hans Purrmann. Das druckgraphische Werk. Gesamtverzeichnis

Angela Heilmann/E. Hindelang (Eds)

Langenargen 1981

The catalogue raisonné of the printed graphics was published in 1981 as a publication of the Museum Langenargen, published by Prof. Eduard Hindelang and written by Dr. Angela Heilmann. It contains 126 catalogue numbers, in which the respective state of the etchings and litographs are described.

„The most comprehensive part of his etchings dates back to the time during and after World War I, mostly from Beilstein, then from Langenargen and Berlin in the twenties, two etchings of Porto d’ Ischia. Then he did not touch the copper plate for almost 30 years. Only at the age of more than 70 he uses the plate and etcher’s needle again. Only a few etchings were produced after his paintings, more often than in earlier times it was lithographs.“ (Heilmann)

The publication has been out of stock for a long time.