Hans Purrmann. The Vitality of Colour

Kunstforeningen GL Strand, Kopenhagen
27. April – 15 September 2019

Derided by Hitler and a close friends of Matisse, Hans Purrmann (1880-1966) insisted on the decorative qualities of the painting throughout his life. With the ambitious exhibition „The Vitality of Colour“, works by on of Germany’s significant modernist artists are being shown in Denmark for the first time.

Colourful landscapes, still lifes executed with heavy brush strokes, azure-coloured walls and the relations between light, hue and colour in paintings of interior, harmonious colour contrasts, decorative nude studies and portraits are some of the works you will experience in the exhibition The Vitality of Colour featuring the German artist Hans Purrmann. The exhibition will be on display in spring 2019 in Kunstforeningen GL STRAND. It is the first time that the recognised German painter is being featured at an exhibition of this scale in Denmark.

The exhibition is a retrospective of Purrmann’s works, connecting them with a selection of the artists he collaborated with or was inspired by – artists such as Max Liebermann, Henri Matisse, Mathilde Vollmoeller, Oskar and Marg Moll, Emy Roeder as well as the writer Hermann Hesse, all of whom may also be experienced in the exhibition.

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Gl. Strand 48
1202 Copenhagen