The painter's son, Dr. Robert Purrmann, and his niece Heidi Vollmoeller, an antique trader from Zurich, built up the archives and rendered excellent services for Purrmann's remembrance.

They had interviewed the painter about his work since 1950 and collected a wide range of material and information about his life and work in Starnberg. Until Robert Purrmann's death almost the whole painter's oeuvre had been documented. All paintings, water colours, drawings, and sculptures that were known to them had been photographed, many questions regarding dating and provenance been solved and references of exhibitions and literature been registered in the files of the works.

The Hans Purrmann Archive in Munich contains many autographs of the painter, many letters written to the artist, several photos of different life periods and of his family, as well as press articles and a library on Purrmann and his environment. Original works by Hans Purrmann are not part of the Archive.

Since 2008, the Hans Purrmann Archive has been located in Munich, in the immediate vicinity of the Pinakotheques.

Since 2009, the Hans Purmann Archive has been member of the Verband deutscher Archivarinnen und Archivare e.V. (VdA) (Association of German archivists).